Why we need to get rid of empathy

Empathy is a strange thing. It tells us to be in someone else’s shoes. But that is hardly followed.

Why because we don’t have the the capacity to empathize with everyone naturally.

For ex- I would know more of men’s problem than of women’s problem.

So I would like to keep conscious thoughts and efforts close to what I can naturally empathize. However that should not be the case when I am not on vacation. Its vacation because we derive pleasure from empathy.

For ex- Friends birthday, Having a grandkid or being an uncle, or social media post likes, chauvinism and also sex.

We know pleasure without conscience is not healthy yet we are reluctant to the idea that empathy is bad for conscience.

Because they are things in your environment it is selfish to put empathy as a factor for judgment because it is bound to be biased.

It clouds the facts on advantages you are born with and also disadvantages of others.

For ex- A single isolated incident of crime or violence in your context cannot determine its importance and fate of every person in the world just because it is of importance to you.

So once it is established that empathy is bad in deciding moments of state of affairs of the commons we ask then how do we decide.

Well we have laws and rules because they are accumulation of old wisdom made for the general.

But the irony is that they serve the very opposite purpose than what they were made for because rules and laws were not empathetically derived at the time of its making and so should also be the case while using them.

So you see if you are bad there is no reason for you to be good and vice versa.

Sounds simple than is- If you cannot empathize with a dog or insect there is no reason to hide it and without shame.

Similarly if you cannot live without a dog you should probably be a dog researcher than a pet blogger.

Because intelligence is less dispensable than dog pictures. Dog pictures may help.

Now comes the psychopath. Well you cannot win in terms of empathy with a psychopath so if you have excess empathy for someone a psychopath might help you get rid of it.

So they have a role but that role is as best as we can appoint them with.

Last year I thought of writing a book named “Sympathy with Psychopaths”. Then I realized its the basic content of every bestseller because the world is run by Psychopaths only.

It can be framed in different ways but the content is same. A close observation of psychopaths and sympathy within the critic.

Overall there is no point in thinking them as good or bad because they had not been born if the genetics or epigenetics do not want less empathy within the system or symbiosis or whatever I am not a doctor.

Narcissism and psychopathy are not exactly the same but a narcissist is more prone to go psychotic. So condemning narcissism is as ineffective.

Instead praise narcissism that made you the real candidate to show off narcissism like a pro.

If you are born to or raised by a person with less empathy than you I think you were chosen by nature to effectively remove excess empathy that you were born with in a more broad and constructive way than an actual psychopath.

But in between fiction and reality my story was turning out to be nothing but delay. Besides who reads books today.

I needed another profession. So here I am ADS N IO. I fight AIs so you get correct data on your PC.

Usually it is thought that empathy means right brain. It is not like that.

There are two kinds of empathy affective and cognitive.

Affective is due to mirror neurons which are at both side in the pre frontal lobe of brain.

Left brain has predisposition for group or categories while right has for individuals.

So for most people not associated in public affairs they use right brain as a tool for empathy while politicians etc use left.

A right wing politics is not anti analytic. Instead it is a pleasure politics which focuses on giving pleasure with right brain empathy to masses as a means to gain power.

But it still has to categorize which usually result in subjugation of minorities.

Left wing uses more common issues like inflation etc but forget to take into account its banality to individual.

A counter to this is you need to expand empathy but it is really not possible by cutting off your enmeshment with current environment that you identify yourself with.

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