Pet Role Economy !!

Economy of a country depends on education and wholesome learning of people of that country.

So stupidity and idleness is a roadblock.

No one wants to talk about economy because it does not have a visceral appeal like religion or War.

But economy plays an important role. Think of economy as a collective mental health of a population.

So a country’s GDP are indicators of where that health is going or the actual health of the population.

Economy is a direct function of education and wholesome knowledge of the world.

So any kind of single mindedness is harmful for economy especially with persons in power.

For Ex- Mindless Consumerism in America or Forced Communism In Soviet Union.

There are two ways to increase a countries economy.

1 Change reality- Required for developing World.

2 Change perceived value of reality- Required for developed world.

But it looks like its just the opposite.

If reality is much worse thanHi perception one should improve reality and vice versa.

Also World Economy cannot be measured accurately with GDP or GWP. This is because no one buys from Earth.

Right now because of geopolitical instability being a major concern and a occasional apprehension of Nuclear War the amount of Gold mined is somewhat how we measure world Economy with amount of Gold mined being inversely proportional to Economy because if you see it is a useless activity.

80% of Gold is converted into jewelry which people buy more for asset value rather than aesthetic value.

To reverse it we need to go back to our roots when Gold in India at least was of great aesthetic importance because of the artistic labor that went to create it.

Gold was useless in closed lockers so making jewelry of it was a good economic activity.

But in those days people would steal Gold for food but not vice versa.

Do you see – Food or Energy had more importance than Gold.

Nothing has changed today and we are still energy deficient for sustainable future and our only long term solution is to search on other planets.

And how far we are in that direction is how we should measure the world Economy.

A direct result of that would be lowered cost of Gold and Military equipment’s which is how we should measure the state of world economy.

A Quick Review of some of the Technical terms in Economics.

Celebrities- They are thermometers of Society so they need extra financial security at the absence of which they depend on Happy The Wally !!

Following terms are from this Video.

Debt Burden increases when like every time, everybody forgot to see the Debt meter because no body knows about Economics.

Even rich feel the Debt burden because 1.) Emotions are contagious 2.)Debt is how we measure a Nation success. Nationalism is rising because of this collective debt burden which even rich want to contribute to.

An easy way is to fake it like it is happening today.

But Collective debt burden remains because even though we know the mechanics the state of people do not change or worsens.

Mental health is clear indicator of economics.

Increase in Psychotic illness means highly debt ridden which makes people make false fantasy of the world because of their lack of financial knowledge.

You see Finance is  the only practical indicator of the state of the real world and since curiosity drives economy lack of curiosity towards economics will cause delay in preventing unhealthy curiosities which causes more harm than good.

GDP = Monetary value of all the goods and service produced.

GDP decreases because of lowered production capacity or decrease in price because of saturation or decrease in value in the world market.

Countries Economy are Relative to Dollar. This can be changed.

World Economy is relative to Gold value mined on Earth. This can also be changed.

Most Economist who have been to economic school are Pets of wealthy and promote their most established theory to keep their status quo even at the cost of economy which is the learning of economy itself which is like going on a meditation.

This is like the counter effects of church or religion when it started working beyond its capacity.

Instead economics can be made an important part of syllabus of all students. This is because finance is integral part of anyone’s psyche whether he learns about it or not. Watch this Video for more detail.

In India we have competitive exams when group of students go on for streaks of meditation(attention training) like time for a better future. Had that time spent with necessary focus on economics would have resulted in a more sensible outcome.

The curiosity that Politicians and Gurus create is for the benefit of their organization, coaching, spiritual or merchandise industry first and not necessarily for nation because they too only work as Thermometers in a Global Network.

Outside because of lesser population and social interaction people are more technology and science dependent which too cannot function independent of economy. It requires constant research but is done independent of the scope of economics.

Students and teachers have relatively no financial education  which can be started simply with just two simple things Gold and GDP(like match scores or something) and the reason for having monetary value to things is to measure our life’s success.

On internet Google has occupied a position of middleman between buyer and Seller. It has become the alpha ferret of all shopping ferret. It has adopted lots of Pets with AdSense to support its PC Valuable content Guidelines because all it wants is more self recognition.

This limits creative expression for niche marketers who works for creating demand for their niche products.

Natural Backlinks is a fiction.

PBNs are becoming penguin detectable and unless you cross the threshold of Panda you are no rank worthy.

So what I have made here is most un anonymous PBN because that’s the only way I could find to save them and start from scratch.

In my old job the first plant boiler was scrap from Russia in 70s and is still working. The Whole company has established itself from that plant.

Since celebrities tell the temperature only, most SEO experts unlike micro niche marketers are just pets of Google’s algorithm.

I think Google needs an update, A ferret update that helps small business trust their intuitions more than googles guidelines because power without supervision is a recipe for evil even if your motto is “Don’t be evil”.

Watch this Video. (Warning- Graphic !!)

Credit burden today remain unnoticed because no one has interest in economics not even psychiatrist. So a list of  Shopping Ferrets in India that Google own because they are performing Well but independent from the subjectivity of its Algorithm is more reality based.
Here is a List of Shopping Ferrets with changed name for pryvacy by various Ψ co Law Gist of the World.

It appears most of these sites are in the Fashion and Electronics section.

As I said what drives Economy ? Curiosity. But is that choice healthy. Because Choice is related to Change in Society and change in curiosities.

The demand of fashion is high but that does not mean we have to conform to the demand if there is no need and kill our Natu re or our Futu re for it.

Similarly when buying Phone for style statement most of us will not use 80 % of the features of the Phone so why pay high price. You are suppose to be smarter than the smart phone Isn’t it so ?

Shopping is Lust. Buying is not.

Happy The Wally

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