Ferret Health

Ferret health is the most important aspect of ferret care, the healthier the ferret, the happier the owner, that is my philosophy anyway, I would rather have a healthy ferret than a cool cage or something else which is purely materialistic. Of course a decent cage goes into helping have a healthy and happy ferret.

If you are worried about ferret health when getting a ferret then remember that prevention is better than cure, meaning find yourself a ferret vet before you need them rather than when you need them, if something horrible does happen then knowing exactly where to go or who to call quickly is going to be very very important.

Ferret health can be helped by feeding them an excellent diet. For more information regarding this Go here.

You need to make sure they do not have anything dangerous in their cage, this can be extremely important because ferrets are so curious and can get caught in places they should not be caught.

Ferrets love to be curious and wander about into the worst places possible, so ferret proofing your room where they have been kept is extremely important.

Here are my top tips for ferret health.

– Find a ferret vet before you need one.

– Wash your ferret when needed.

– Always keep their cage and living area extremely clean.

– Provide them with an excellent diet.

– Ferret proof everything.

Using these top tips you can help to provide an amazing home for your ferret whilst keeping them extremely healthy.

Ferrets love treats and they are one of the few animals which can be over fed, they constantly need food so always remember to have their food bowl topped up at all times, they have such a quick metabolism that they will burn the food off almost instantly, unlike tortoises who have a metabolism of months!

A long with feeding a ferret correctly you need to make sure they always have water as well, they need water all the time so it is recommended to have a water bowl and a water bottle, if you can only have a water bottle ferrets can be trained to use a water bottle so it is no problem.

Remember not to have your ferrets out in the direct sun light as they do not cope well in directly sun light and can suffer from extreme sun stroke.

The final note is to always have fun with your ferret, a happy healthy ferret is the best pet anyone could possibly own!

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