Ferret Harness

Ferrets are naturally curious and love the outdoors, the best way to let a ferret wander about and have some fun is to get them a decent collar and ferret harness set. This set should be safe and comfortable whilst making sure the ferret has the least possible chance of escaping, some ferrets will be able to escape out of anything! I would highly recommend a ferret harness over a collar, but collars can be great to attach the ferret harness on to.

I love taking my ferret for a walk, so I have several harnesses which I use, each for a different ferret!

A ferret will easily find their way out of even the best harness / collar, they are so clever and if they can fit their head through a hole then they can get through it, this is where the problem with harnesses comes in, as you need to have the harness over their head to begin with.
One of the most important things when looking for a harness or collar is to check if it is safe for ferrets, you do not want to buy a harness or collar for a toy dog or something similar, it needs to be produced specifically for ferrets, that is a good rule to live by when dealing with ferrets, because they are such a unique and lovely pet. Ferrets will glady walk over the grass for a little while, but remember they are very prone to heat stroke so do not keep them in direct sunlight, which may be difficult when walking them outside, generally walking them near a fence or later in the day will be better for them as the sun will not be beating down quite as much. Ferrets love cosy things so try to get a harness that will make them enjoy wearing it, if they enjoy wearing it they will be less likely to try and get out of it!

A Harness and Collars can be a very difficult thing to purchase when you have your first ferret, here are a few key points to remember:

– Make sure it is produced specifically for ferrets.
– Get a safe harness or collar before a cool harness or collar.
– Try to think about the type of ferrets you have, if they are quick you might need a very secure harness, if they are lazy then not so much.
– Comfort is very important.
– Get one that the ferret will enjoy wearing, not what you will enjoy looking at.
– You can get a stylish harness once you have consider the previous points.

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