Ferret beds

Most adult ferrets sleep on average around 18-20 hours a day. Now that’s a lot of sleeping! So it’s really important that your ferret has the right choice of comfortable ferret beds to sleep and hide in. This often means having a standard bed as well as a ferret hammock.

Why do they need both? Well when you’re asleep on a hot sticky night you might kick the covers off of use a light blanket. If your room is cold and chilly you may find snuggle down and wrap yourself up to keep warm and cozy. The same hold true for ferrets.

It’s a good idea to we ensure there are two types of beds available to them in their cage. This way they can choose the place most comfortable for them to enjoy some refreshing sleep in. Ferret hammocks are essential for healthy sleeping patterns. If a ferret is uncomfortable while sleeping it disturbs their sleep and your ferret will not live a healthy life.

Lets take a look at the two types of ferret beds. One choice is a more standard ferret, known as a nap sack which lies on the floor of the cage and provides some extra warmth. Ferret beds are often great for longer sleeps.

However there is a second choice that we need to think about, known as a ferret hammock. A ferret hammock is suspended in mid air and provides a pocketed space, which allows your ferrets to enjoy a secure, partially open, comfy sleeping space. As you may now if you’ve been around the site for long, ferrets are very sensitive to heat, so ferret hammocks provide a cooler alternative to a full ferret bed. Ideal for when they’re napping and lounging around. Ferret hammocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Now if you own more than one ferret then purchasing a large ferret hammock can be great. They sleep multiple ferrets at the same time and ferrets love snuggling together while sleeping. Some hammocks are flat looking others are boot shaped; other hammocks have a zip front to be adjustable in the size of the opening. Hammocks provide more area for a ferret to utilize. They can also be used as a safety feature that provide steps for the ferret to gain access to a higher level of the cage, and prevent long falls.

It is important to make sure that any ferret hammock or sleep sack purchased is machine washable to prevent the spread of disease. A tightly woven fabric is more durable and safe. If a hammock or ferret bed begins to fray or seams separate, you should remove it from the cage. Once a ferret hammock is damaged it becomes a hazard to the ferret. When purchasing a ferret hammock make sure the hardware provided is safe for your ferret. If the ferret hammocks you buy need special fixings that are not provided, make sure they do will not be harmful to your ferrets. .

It is a great idea to purchase both ferret beds and a hammock for your ferret. Ferret beds provide a warm, cozy place for those colder nights and longer sleeps. Ferret hammocks provide a safer environment, it put less pressure on the ferret’s body, places them in their natural sleeping position keeping them feel safe and happy, and it gives them a separate area to utilize for play.

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