Ferret Tunnel

Today I am going to be talking through the various kinds of ferret tunnel or ramps you can look at either producing yourself or purchase online. One of the great things about ferrets is that they love to explore and are so curious, they especially love a ferret tunnel because they will want to know what is at the end of them, even if it is just the same room or another level in their cage they still love the journey through the tunnel. When considering any kind of ferret product it is important to get a product built specifically for ferrets or produce one your self which you know will be very safe for them, some

products that are built for other animals may not be suitable for ferrets so it always best to be safe before getting something that looks really good (Nothing wrong with getting something safe that looks cool as well of course!) If you are interested in a ferret tunnel then have a look at one of my favorite websites especially for tunnels below, using this guide is one of my favorite ways to get hold of ferret tunnels or ramps. I personally use the ones in this guide when arranging my ferret cage.

If you are looking to create your own ferret tunnel or ramp then one of the best things to use will be plastic drain pipe/guttering it is perfect size for your ferret, if you do use this make sure the edges are not sharp, sand them down and also because they are slightly slippery you will need to make sure the angle of the pipe is not very steep or your ferret will not be able to climb up it! The great thing about a ferret tunnel you build yourself is that no one else will have them, but also you can build them around your ferret, no one knows more about your ferret than you!

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