Ferret Shampoo

I am going to go over one of the most difficult things to select whilst purchasing products for your ferret, Shampoo!
Some people say washing your ferret will make them smell, some people say washing them makes them smell cleaner, I am going to run through facts a long with my personal opinions on ferrets and shampoo.

First of, ferrets can smell worse straight after being washed, this is due to their sweat glands secreting a stronger scent whilst either being anxious or excited when they have their bath or are washed with shampoo. Something a lot of ferret owners like to do is wash their ferret in purely water which is said to help them in being clean whilst not generating as bad a smell when they have been washed. The smell does not last long and ferrets love to be clean, this is why a specialised product such as a ferret shampoo can be excellent for their health, I will run through some of my favourite ferret shampoo products for you.

Marshall Tea Tree Oil Ferret Shampoo

This is my personal favorite when selecting a shampoo, the smell of it is lovely whilst not being offensive to ferrets, they love to have baths and play with their owner, ferrets are also very clean animals, they do not like to be dirty, they enjoy being clean. This shampoo on average is about $7 to $12′s, it will last a long time even if you wash them regularly. As all ferret shampoo products it is specifically produced for ferrets which is excellent, my ferrets seem to enjoy a good bath with it any way!

Fancy Ferret Coat Brighter Shampoo

This product can range from around $5 to $8′s which is cheaper than the Marshall ferret shampoo, it is an excellent product and one I would highly recommend, I have used it several times and my ferrets do enjoy it, although they seem to enjoy the Marshall ferret shampoo more. It is made for lighter colors so be aware with your dark ferrets that this is probably not the best product to use, but an excellent ferret shampoonone the less.

Fancy Ferret Creme Rinse

I have never personally used this product, but a lot of my ferret friends have used it and recommend it for darker ferrets as it helps to protect their natural coat with chamomile. It looks like a great product and in the future one I will definatly be using on my ferrets to see if the Marshall ferret shampoo has a contender for my ferrets favorite ferret shampoo. This product retails similar to the shampoo before at about $5 to $8′s.

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