Ferret Play – 6 ways to great bonding

Hey everyone, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite games that I like to play with my ferret friends. No fluff, let’s dive right in…

Here’s 6 great games that I personally use to keep my ferrets happy and connected to me, and now you can use them too!

Ferret Play Game – Tuggy
This is the simple game of tuggy, you grab your ferrets favorite toy and then shake it in front of them, they will then grab onto it and start to try and pull it off of you, the game has begun! You can now play tug of war with your ferret, being gentle of course as they are only little!

Ferret Play Game – Hide and Seek
Usually this is a game that just happens because your ferret is being mischievous! They love hiding and tunneling where ever they can, remember to be careful and not let them get where they shouldn’t!

Ferret Play Game – Fetch
The idea with fetch is to start off with playing tuggy, then move onto throwing their toy, this helps a lot if their favorite toy is slightly smelly as ferrets do not have the best eye sight in the animal world, throw it slightly away from them and they will usually come back and start to try and play tuggy again!

Ferret Play Game – Reverse Fetch
This game is a strange one, most ferrets do it, but if you give your ferret tiny little toys, sometimes they will take it off you then go and hide it, if you keep giving them little treats they could do the same as well, this game is great as you can find our their little hiding place which they think is oh so secretive!

Ferret Play Game – Tummy Rubs
I love this game, if you have a really gentle docile ferret then you can slightly push them over on their back and rub their tummy, they love this, if you don’t have a gentle but playful ferret, you can pick them up and lie them on your arm like a baby, whilst keeping a good eye on the mouth area, then you can tickle there tummy whilst maintaining more control as the alpha ferret!

Ferret Play Game – Chase!
Ferrets love chasing mom or dad, if you nudge them away a little using a toy then run off ferrets will mostly start to chase you out of curiosity!

It’s time to discover 5 cool ferret games you can introduce your ferrets to, anytime, anywhere…

Ferret Game 1 – Tug ‘O’ War

Grab your ferrets favorite toy and waggle it in front of them. As they grab hold of it you can enjoy a tug of war match to see who wins. Play should be good hearted, and not too boisterous.

Ferret Game 2 – Ferret Tag

Get your ferrets attention and then run off! Simple. Most ferrets will dash after you to find out what’s going on. You can then chase them back and so forth. Afterwards it’s time for hug.

Ferret Game 3 – Ferret dig dig

Get a really big box and fill it with screwed up paper balls. Then bury a treat in it and let your ferrets dig down and hunt away. Watch how much your ferret enjoys this.

Ferret Game 4 – Ferret fly fishing

This is one of my favourite games. Attach a ferret treat to some thread and attach the thread to a small pole. Dangle it for you ferret to go after it and then let it bob around and watch them go for it even more.

Ferret Game 5 – Ferret Ping-Pong