Ferret Litter Training

I am going to talk through the important task of ferret litter training, this is so important because it can affect a lot of other things, so lets get to it and learn some ferret litter training techniques!

The difficulty with ferret litter training is that some ferrets can pick it up so quickly that it is like you said to them, this is where you mess, now keep it in there please and they replied “ok”, where as some other ferrets need a lot of constant attention and repetition, even after years they may have the odd accident over the edge of the litter tray.

– Select a floor for your ferrets to mess on.
– Use objects in the corners you do not want your ferret to mess in.
– Leave a little bit of their mess in their litter tray initially to let them know where they should mess.
– Keep their litter tray away from their food or water.
– Ferrets generally mess farthest away from their food or water, so keep this in mind.

Ok so those are some very basic but expert techniques to get you started with ferret litter training, the important thing to remember is constant attention and repetition with ferrets, some of them can forget so easily, so remember to help them as much possible.

Another thing to consider when ferret litter training is to make sure you purchase the correct litter pan or tray, some ferrets will not mess in the litter pan if it is not easily accessible, so try to get a corner shaped one with one short edge. Some ferrets will go into a litter pan with tall edges all around, this is perfect if they do as the chances of them getting mess on the outside or spread the litter about is reduced quite a lot.

When placing your litter pan you need to try and get it into a position which is not easily movable, ferrets love to find out where stuff comes from! So they will try and move the litter pan and dig under it, so if possible get one that attaches to the side of the cage, these are perfect for those curious ferrets!

Without ferret litter training you will have a cage that is extremely messy and dirty, it will affect your ferrets health, the smell of the room, it will not be easy to clean, it can permanently damage the cage, it can do so many things that it is always worth while teaching all of your ferrets to mess in the litter tray.

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