Fan I Bot-Ab Out Google

Welcome!! Ladies and Mental Men.

My name is Ferret Biting.

I don’t know much about my Surname except my ancestors made a very weird Temple. I will tell you about it later.

I am an Internet marketer. I make K-rappy websites.

I hardly use my own content. I pay someone else to write it or copy from other places that Google cannot Index.

Actually when I made my first site on car gun safe there was not a single native or otherwise site on gun safe let alone car gun safe because of its uncertain and or apprehensive nature. It had search volume though.

Only few people like Tobias were researching on the effectiveness of small gun safe

Based on the available knowledge I just reviewed all of them that were present at that time excluding those that were claimed to be compromised.

Suddenly the niche exploded with reviews site by non native IMs that basically just copied me and expanded to all kinds of gun safe.

But it also led to more research and better knowledge of the niche by capable people and also improvement from my side.

Similarly when I got my first link from Wikipedia on gun safe article there was everybody adding there link as valuable recourse.

I had to frequently remove them and add better resources to limit them.

Ferret biting

One Big limitations of the BIG G in current state.

Cannot claim the normal or literal keyword as Brand name. The I don’t see any reason for google to advice against link building because a brand keyword is more exploitable for spam(in Google’s dictionary) links.

They advice for brand able domain because they want to limit the listings of micro niche keywords because they make more money with AdSense that way.

Yeah they say that exact match domain was being abused but i don’t think so. I mean if some one searches long tail keyword they are more susceptible to click the exact match domain then their Ads.

I don’t think  Spencer haws of niche pursuit who owned multiple exact match sites and got his Adsense account banned for this reason was making fluff sites.

Now if it is normal keyword it has made kind of compulsory to make the content as verbose as possible for quality.

Yeah it may relatively not be a big issue but its against freedom of expression from a blogger perspective. Don’t you think.

I mean even one line can be enough to say something and even a book can be less to explain other thing. One word may mean something in one context and different in other (Ex language, Industry, etc).

I was struggling through these question when one day through a ferret’s Email I came to know of a software called Video Traffic Genie. It basically finds videos on Youtube that have expired domains in Description.

Why not use existing traffic that leads nowhere plus an existing nofollow backlinks in profile.

I used it to find many videos and registered many domains. They ranged from Ortho doctors to Bedbugs to Gardening to Stretch marks creams and

I did not got much traffic but for some reason but for some reason I kept this domain ie registered and threw some content from

Is google really the best search engine?

The answer is NO. In fact it may the most rudimentary Search engine like the state in which politics is but it is the most popular.

The problem is not many people know about IM. And those that do are like media persons explaining about politics. Its rudimentary if not bad.

You see Ferret means to search for something. Ferret also means a thief. In that respect Google is the biggest online ferret.

It has always come to bite other ferrets IM with its algorithmic updates.

You see Google or its algorithm is the main Pet all IM like to train for their brand or websites. They get in Ferret mode to search for various things they can put together. They give various things for Google to play with and if google likes it  rewards it.

But it also does mass deindexing and updates which can turn may be rare but establish or new businesses upside down.

Google is a bot. Bot have limitations. Only a marketer can tell you what all limitations the big G can have.

I believe it is because google(The Company not its Search algorithm) try to pet IMs instead of letting them play. Let the ferrets play. This is because ferret are relatively very intelligent.

Because as I have seen all its algorithm want is some social proof and engagement which are inter related to like your sites. But to reach there some SEO is required at least to second page.

Backlinks must be the last priority(weightage) to improve rank in Googles algorithm to maintain or improve rank according to google but it rarely is.

Googles Authority metric(Page rank) is dependent on do follow.

Popularity metric(Brand recognition) is dependent on no follow.

It may be opposite too but it doesn’t matter because the strategy IM use is the same.

If it is balanced along with anchor text ratio which is dependent on niche you rank.

Make nofollow links from PBNs (your own niche sites because other may get deindexed #ferretbiting) and social media.

Make dofollow links from good guest posts and you will rank.

This is because one IM do not want to link to a competitor.

But it is so much wastage of resources.

Panda, Penguin, Rank manipulation patent should be meant for abnormal ferrets. For other a simple training of right and wrong is enough. Ferrets are good pets.

Backlinks should come in naturally but that hardly happens.

Why are there then ten totally independent results on search page when they all speak the same thing. I mean if backlinks is the backbone bone of Google algorithm then why the most relevant blog seems to shy away from giving it and google is doing nothing in this regard. Its time to wake up ferret.

If the first result is factually most correct or relevant and authority for the subject what is the use of other results.

See there is no absolute truth but we close in on something. Why not link to our competitors with your own views and opinion about their content. I mean let the Google and people be the judge of which site to spend more time on or buy more products from.

There are so many SEO blogs. All teach the same thing which is not at all needed. Its like working for Google. Google itself has all the content and Quality guidelines. It is quite explanatory for humans but making a BOT take care of it by coding it as a rule and apply to all people in general is damaging to honest and novice IMs or small business that don’t have online or offline advertising budget as I have heard multiple stories with Google Update.

See  it makes Internet marketers as Google’s ferrets which is the Alpha ferret, because one of the main Job of IM is to search or to ferret for terms that are not under the prejudice of google Algorithm. Google is a Bot. IMs are not Are they ??

Black Hat SEO

Abnormally/Unnaturally inflating a site that will give quick and high returns.

Creating PBNs or buying links by mathematically estimating their ranking capability.

It came into picture with Google only favoring only big and established businesses but it is totally against there Motto to not be Evil. If I make something my motto I should most probably be having the tendency to forget it.

So you either have to be purely money minded or Google’s Pet. If it did not helped me but helped others in the same niche then the main or the Alpha ferret is behaving abnormally for lack of supervision.

Advice for beginners

Here is how I  to do things.

(Some Internet marketing Slang alert.)

Why would I build PBN when I can link with my main sites.

Easiest free backlinks is social backlinks. Real and not Bot one. Ex Reddit Facebook Wikipedia Pinterest etc.

It doesn’t matter what content is You can always improve it with simple changes.

It may be a simple Paint Job or Presenting the same old BS in different way which is most interesting for that content.

See I like to read and sketch I don’t like writing like I am doing right now.

So instead

I became frequent Wikipedia editor and made few links from Wikipedia.

I dropped all PBN sites.

I went to relevant SM sites. Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest. Start making relevant post and engaging with users.

I don’t own ferret so I will not say that this piece of content that have on this site is professional advice. I have made it as a instrument to tell you about internet marketing without having to run a separate blog.

I have also bought for literal meaning of the Keyword . This domain was once a very profitable click back product site.

Types of sites 

There are many IM who tell you the technical side- like Niche pursuit or psychological side of things like Alex Becker. (He has closed his blog.)

No body teaches the economic side of things-a game of Demand and supply. Online shopping sites or product launchers depend on IM for creating demand.

Some abuses this authority to sell whatever they can find profitable (ex-Google).

All other successful IM more or less copy Google strategy.

Review sites

To sell something directly you have to rebrand it otherwise what is the use of shops. Everyone can directly buy

That’s where review sites make entry. They review various items under a common domain which is essentially rebranding things. I am only telling this so if you have a review site you know what exactly it is that you do.

Similar is with the E-commerce site or drop shipping site. You are creating demand of an otherwise non essential item by targeting people in sync with your site to a required product of your choice because there is a supply of it.

So choose your brand name wisely.

Content Site-

If your content is more eye opening than the content already present on first 10 result of google you don’t need any advice.

Otherwise connect two seemingly unrelated topics under one domain name and promote the hell out of it.

An online review is just a Re-view of the same product.

Online information on the other hand is mostly facts are truths. Wikipedia is considered the best source for information. You probably can’t or won’t like to be Wikipedia as it is not run by one person.

So presenting the same content on your own domain has three component to it.

Branding – Choosing a domain name has a lot to do with people expectation about your content.

Social proofing Social backlinks or Engagement to make it interesting to the targeted or even non targeted audience.

Marketing – SEO should be given least important if you are not a psycho. Most important is Engagement on your Site. That is more than enough for Google to recognize your Site.

You can do stuff like domain redirection or backlink building. But remember you are doing it for humans not Bots. So choose a domain that sounds like your voice. Or build backlinks that make some sense to your Site or blog.

This is because all other links will be negatively affecting your psyche and are very Slow. You can do other stuff in that time.

I find it really stupid building backlinks so I only get those links that and I can derive some meaning from if not real visitors.

Best place you can get links from is your own domains but only when I feel it make for a relevant or meaningful experience for the visitor for the original content that he was searching (Ferreting).

There are other type of marketing as well like email, Forum Social media (Youtube). But they all are secondary and fall under Blogging in general.

Blogging is cool if you can stuck to one domain and write fluff about everything.

An authority Blog more or less is a News Site or personal philosophy blog.

But a good content is inch wide and Mile deep which make relatively thin micro Niche Site more preferable than thick one.

So a better approach would be to find topic that is somewhat controversial and instead of debating make it reassuring.

Or a most Boring thing into most weird thing on the Planet.

Panda update Penguin update Only to scare the employee ferrets.

The only work around I have found is Branding. A name that even first time visitor will remember because of the type of content and the way it is presented.

Now coming to the scraped content. I don’t remember where I got it from Some expired domain. See I am being completely honest here which takes Guts and coincidently in my native language is also called Pet. Ferrets are silly!!!

I could have written it myself. But all this is pretty informative for the term.

How can I improve it.

See I like to sketch and writing is most abstract form of drawing.

A drawing enables to see the context first (picture) and then other things like sound, color and depth in our head.

Writing produces sound first then we pay attention to the font Size color Style meaning etc.

So same piece of content can have different effect if presented differently.

Can you see the drawing made through these texts.

Let me tell you few things.

The Theme is White(Pure intent). All the Blog links is on the Left. (Mostly Ignored by right hand) and they are very short and concise because right brain do not have a voice.

The underlined theme of this blog is dark (Abnormal behavior of Pets or exotic Pets).

So I changed the Theme to Internet marketing which is totally different. So now people’s expectation with the blog has changed. If you are a ferret I hope I have made you a little bit more open to the Ugly side of things that are only characterized by avoidance and unnecessary debate otherwise.

Now to the ferret biting.

I don’t know why a ferret would behave so abnormally.

All I know is if perception is a bitch it can bite. So make sure it is a good bitch or stay away.

All animals bite. But sometimes like in south park’s funny Bot things can become awkward.

Now to the Temple.

There are many theories but I think the most important one was Economy. In a dwindling economy with money but no demand or confidence to spend one can easily get distracted. So why not place all that distraction outside of a temple.

The art work is open to multiple interpretation-mostly derogatory. But inside the Temple there is no such art work enabling people to choose in chaos. Do I need to tell you that procreation is fundamentally linked to economy. At such times most of the ideas will fail but because no one will ask or tell you anything. The secret is to keep going and transform your worst distraction to best ideas.

Happy The wally


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